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About this project

Mon Portail (My portal) is the main tool of ADIS, where they can connect with AXA insurance agents and provide them : the company's yearbook, news, document database, management dashboard, contact forms, financial analytics, simulators etc. Made with Liferay.

Only a few informations and mockups are displayed, for privacy concerns.

My role

On this project, I was in charge of the UX and UI Design, the branding and the front-end integration (Liferay theming) while working with a j2EE developers team.

Context of the project

ADIS used to have lot of different tools, with their own stack and branding, however users were getting lost and the maintenance started* to become difficult.

The goal of Mon Portail was first, to create an informative website, giving access to all the documentation and templates that the agents needed, providing data about the recent operations made on the other tools and a quick access to them (MVP version made in 3 month).

As a second step, the idea was to turn it into a dedicated work platform, with an advanced integration of the other tools and some of them rebuild in it, one by one.

In addition, to purpose of this work was to provide the first responsive solution inside the ADIS environment, knowing that the insurance agents were working on tablet devices.

User Interface

mon portail UI


mon portail Icono


With this branding we decided to get out the traditional branding of the company (institutional blue and company logo) and give a proper identity to Mon Portail  : one that can be recognisable and used in the future as a white label.

First iteration

First version, with the name "Convergence".

Final Version

Final version, with the name "Mon Portail".

Logo Animations